Cap Table and Shareholder Recordkeeping

Easy-to-use solution for tracking the history of your funding, investors, issuances, cancels and corporate actions.

OptionTrax brings together everything you need to manage complete records of investors, securities, funding and acquisitions.

Cap Table Management Software Features


Securities and Shareholder Management

Create, issue, transfer, restrict and cancel securities of any type

Track Cost Basis

Place and lift both individual and Class restrictions and releases

Control all securities issuances with Class and Plan Reserves


Funding & Capitalization Reporting

Manage and model all funding events, instruments and restrictions

Calculate partial and full dilution

Track all investor activity

Liquidation and acquisition modeling

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Corporate Action Processing

Perform Class conversions

Calculate splits, dividends, interest payments

Manage exchanges, acquisitions, payouts, liquidations, etc.


Ease of Use

Integrated with the equity compensation plan module to automatically keep your plan and cap table in balance

Manage multiple entities with a single log-in

Maintain documents in one easy-to-access place