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Easy-to-use equity plan management software

Public or Private – You’re Covered

Through technology, education, and support we simplify your equity administration. Whether you want to self-administrate, or you need the full support of our experienced team, OptionTrax® is the answer. We have solutions specifically tailored to public and private companies.
equity stock option plan management software administration tools


Has your equity plan management become just too much work? Do compliance and audits have you worried? Clients on the OptionTrax platform have been audited by the world’s largest auditing firms for almost two decades!

equity stock option plan management software tools administration


Are you still using unreliable spreadsheets to manage your cap table and equity award plan? The OptionTrax system will provide you with rock solid control and accuracy that will save you time and audit expense.

We serve everyone from venture-backed startups to mature, public companies.

The OptionTrax Advantage

Imagine what you could do with the time you now spend correcting mis-entered or outdated data. How about not having to spend time keeping up with all of the FASB, IRS, and SEC rules because we do it for you with the OptionTrax System?

User Friendly

Most intuitive and flexible Administration Software available.

Personalized Service

Personal service developed over two decades of experience in the industry.


Customize your solution by choosing from our array of enhanced administration modules.

OptionTrax will support your company’s growth on a single platform – even your transition from private to public. Use our Administrator’s Guide to see what’s best for you.