Equity Plan Management

Simplify your employee stock plan administration with Optiontrax®

Optiontrax is the leading solution for managing your employee stock plans. It simplifies every facet of plan administration.

OptionTrax Features

automated tracking equity software

Automated Tracking

Handle all award types - stock options, RSAs/RSUs, SARs, performance awards, phantom awards, warrants and ESPPs

Manage unlimited vesting schedules, time and/or performance

Use your own custom flexible termination schedules

Process transactions with fewer clicks

Track ESPP cash contributions, share purchases, withdrawals and more

equity management software reporting


Easy to navigate, real-time summary reporting and transaction details

Flexible report filtering by demographics, award types and variables

Format reports in pdf, html, or Excel

Create ad hoc reports

Report using any as-of date

Produce Performance Award reports using the most robust performance accounting system on the market

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equity management software compliance


Calculate Black-Scholes and intrinsic award values with streamlined assumption generation and expense reporting, including period lock-down

Load custom award valuations

Meet disclosure requirements, including roll-forward, proxy, diluted EPS, tax accounting (ASC 718, ASC 260)

Annual SSAE-16 Type II compliance audit

equity management software stakeholder communication

Stakeholder Communication

Online accounts and transactions in a simple, intuitive interface

Custom electronic grant agreements and acceptance

Participant document management

Online modeling and exercising

Multiple exercise models and broker choice

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