We Provide 3 Levels of Support

Service Models

We know your administrative needs aren’t always constant. They change with periods of plan activity, staffing and your other internal priorities. We can provide a support program to help you either on demand or for the long haul. We can provide the extra support you need during times like period end, year-end, grant/release time, or even just when your administrator is out.

Which solution is best for you? Use our free Administrator’s Guide to find out.

OX Overview


We provide you with the training, support and guidance from day one to make sure that implementation runs smoothly. You and your team will be fully trained to manage your equity plan and/or securities on the new system and we are always available to answer your questions.

Customized Administration – FlexSourcing™

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to do it all. For those periods of high activity or when you need extra outsourcing support our experts are available to manage the administration of your plan or help with a special project

  • Assistance during periods of high-volume activity – transactions, releases, grants, year-end
  • Reporting solutions
  • Reconciliation solutions
  • Managing brokerage interface
  • Acquisition/split/recapitalization events
OptionTrax Customer Support
Fast and easy equity plan software administration

Full Outsourced Administration

Make us a part of your team and we will manage the day-to-day activity for your equity compensation plan.

Plan Activity

  • Ongoing new grant and participant data loads
  • Grant reporting and transaction
  • Restricted award reporting and transactions
  • Grant agreement generation
  • Dividend calculation and tracking

Award Settlement Activity

  • Option exercise updates
  • Restricted stock award releases
  • Settlement tax calculation
  • Transfer agent and Broker communication management
  • Full 3921/ 3922 service and form 3,4, 5 filing via our Edgar filing partner

Participant Support (Dependent upon broker model and service)

  • Account creation and updates
  • Support regarding holdings and statements
  • Technical and account support

409A Valuations

OptionTrax is a proud partner of the certified accounting firm Economics Partners, thought leaders in the 409A space

OptionTrax Clients Receive

  • A discounted price
  • A 7-day turnaround on the valuation once Economics Partners has received the data
  • 409A valuation fees rolled into the OptionTrax invoice so it all appears in 1 convenient place
  • 409A data loaded into OptionTrax for your convenience

A Trusted Name in 409A

  • The valuations done by Economics Partners have passed muster from each of the big 4 auditors, sophisticated investors and major law firms
  • The professionals at Economics Partners have sat in every seat around the valuation table: as startup founders, accountants and investors