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Cap Table and Shareholder Recordkeeping

Manage your shareholders, securities cancellations and issuances, corporate actions and activity history with our robust cap table management system, InvestmenTrax

Plan Management Corp. (PMC) offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for tracking the history of your investors, issuances, cancels and corporate actions. It brings together all of the tracking you need to manage complete records of investors and securities activity. And the integration of InvestmenTrax™ with OptionTrax means that updating your cap table when you have stock option exercises or restricted award vestings is a snap!

InvestmenTrax™ Platform

A full shareholder and securities tracking system, beyond cap table modeling

  • Manages all investment instruments and restrictions
  • Customizes and tracks data and grouping of investors
  • Tracks all investor activity
  • Calculates your corporate actions
  • Integrated with OptionTrax™ to tie to your stock option and equity compensation plan
  • Law firms and advisors can easily switch between multiple clients.
  • Full InvestmenTrax™ Functionality Detail

Additional Available Options

  • Investor Communication: Our shareholder communication module makes it simple to send emails to all of, or a subset of your investors directly from the system.
  • Advanced Document Management: This feature allows you to manage your internal documentation needs at a more granular level. Any document or web link can be uploaded to InvestmenTrax™ with permission levels for administrators only, specific shareholders, shareholders of a specific issue, and can also be attached to an individual holding.
  • Multiple Account Viewing: If you have shareholders with multiple accounts (e.g., if an individual shareholder is also an owner of a joint tenancy or trust account), you can indicate that a single shareholder login gives access to a managed list of other shareholder holdings. If shareholders are given permission to view other shareholder accounts they will see a list of available accounts when they log in, and can easily switch between accounts by clicking on a web link.

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