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Brokerage Partners

Plan Management Corp. (PMC) is committed to developing efficient and effective service models for our brokerage partners. We know having a reliable, innovative and experienced small-plan service provider is critical to your business success.

PMC can work in the following brokerage service models:

Manual Utility FIX Exec/FIX
FA Team has access to participant portal for reviewing positions for transactions PMC sets up daily data exchange with your firm’s equity plan participant portal FIX message trading link set up between PMC participant portal and your firm Executive service broker handles execs individually and PMC uses a strategic partner for the remaining employees.
  • Self-administration or outsourced administration using our OptionTrax platform
  • Ideal for low-volume clients looking for high-touch service
  • Access and reporting for modeling and trade detail
  • Reports trade detail through portal to kick-off settlement process

  • Self-administration or outsourced administration
  • Committed to maximum utilization of both firms’ administrative and employee portal capabilities
  • Fits your current partial administration service model
  • Self-administration or outsourced administration
  • White-label and PMC-direct models available
  • Access and reporting for modeling and trade detail
  • Self-administration or outsourced administration
  • Data is bifurcated for executives working with executive-services broker and automated (FIX) rank and file broker
  • Access and reporting for modeling and trade detail

When should I choose PMC?

PMC is the perfect choice for your clients’ and prospects’ plan administration when:

  • They need a cost-effective, easy-to-learn administration solution
  • You have outside-of-the-box clients and prospects that need custom solutions
  • Your corporate solution cannot take on a plan due to its size, value or the scope of services needed
  • You cannot risk losing control of an executive relationship to another provider pitching a turnkey solution
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