A superior participant experience that benefits employees and administrators

Our participant portal will provide your equity plan participants with the transparency and autonomy they need, streamlining processes like grant agreement acceptance with our e-signature functionality and award exercising  while creating a more self-service experience that saves administrators valuable time.

Full-featured and easy to use

• A full ownership view, including equity awards and securities held
• Statement generation as of any date
• Digital grant agreement review and acceptance with e-signature functionality
• Access to vesting, expiration and transaction details
• Flexible award release and exercise modelling
• Access to company provided documents, including instructions, announcements, Plan Prospectus’ and more
• Option or SAR exercising for public companies and exercise request initiation for private companies

Just a handful of the clients who trust our equity plan management software

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You can stop chasing paper and signatures with our automated grant agreements

  • You can upload straightforward Microsoft Word templates that allow the system to instantly generate dynamic grant agreements tailored to the particpant’s demographic details, grant characteristics and vesting schedule
  • OptionTrax can email participants letting them know they can login to the participant portal to review and accept grant agreements
  • Participants create an e-signature or select from a pre-made signature library directly in the platform.  No need to maintain a separate document-signing account outside of the platform.
  • Once signed, OptionTrax creates a timestamp the administrator can use to report on who has accepted what grant when and stores the agreement, with the e-signature embedded, for the adminsitrator and participant to access at any time

OptionTrax Outperformed Shareworks, Certent And Carta
In User Satisfaction Ratings For Ease Of Setup, Ease Of Use, Quality Of Support And More On

Full-featured with comprehensive support. Starting at $449/month for private companies and $649/month for public companies.

Fast and easy equity plan software administration

You can relax.  Our equity plan experts will walk you through it all step-by-step.

We’ll lead you through implementation in detail and we’re just a phone call away.  Both in the early stages and later on, as your plan and your questions get more complex. Speaking of questions, when you need us, there are no chatbots, no phone trees, no call centers. Simply a phone number with highly-experienced equity professionals waiting on the other end to answer those questions – whether they’re about our software or equity comp at large.

Or we’ll manage your equity for you

You’ll save time and money.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Take it from our clients.

I do not mind shouting my praise for the system – it truly has been a life and time saver for us. We could not be happier – honestly!

Jeanne Strand, Plan Administrator, Kymeta

Your flexibility, persistence and hard work to achieve success [for our project] was greatly appreciated!

Karen Owsley, Public Relations, Wawa

OptionTrax is the perfect solution for what we were looking for. The flexibility of the system to process and track our unique payout schemes is just the start. The system itself offers so much more and is very easy to use. The support team has been fantastic in helping us transition into the system and had us up and running smoothly in no time. I truly appreciate all their hard work and quick turnaround to all of our requests.

Diane Rock, Corporate Paralegal, Westmoreland Mining

Our focus is on equity plans for growing companies.  We’re the experts at what we do.      

Equity plan changes and corporate actions will come your way – our 28 years in business means we’ve seen it all and we’re happy to guide you.

Maybe you’ve noticed our competitors seem busy with their own acquisitions and consolidation.  Not with serving their clients. Moreover, corporate equity plan administrators are beings asked to learn different tools and be patient through long integrations with the inevitable associated hiccups.  But you won’t get that with us. We’re self-financed, independent and focused on our clients, not on the next acquisition.  Our C-Suite is stable and committed to providing intuitive equity plan management software backed by deep expertise.

Equity plan software help

Our experts wrote the book on how to handle questions from your board, executives and auditors more easily.  No, really.  It’s called 5 Equity Plan Numbers To Have At Your Fingertips and you can download it for free.     

Secure, compliant and trusted equity plan management software.

You’ve scrolled this far.
Maybe you’ve got a particular question?  Our experts are happy to answer it.  Feel free to reach out about our equity software or about something particular to your equity plan.

We’ve got 28 years backing up our equity plan expertise and it’s our expertise that drives the OptionTrax® software.  We’d be happy to take the headaches out of your equity plan.