Cheap Stock Option and Cap Table Software for Startups


We know you are doing your software due diligence, and sure, there are cheaper versions of equity plan administration and securities record-keeping software that you can buy. Isn’t there always something cheaper you can buy, no matter what it is? Do we really have to say “You get what you pay for?”
Before you pull the trigger and save a few hundred bucks and get a lot of glitz and pizzazz, why not ask yourself a few questions, like:

  1. Will the cheaper company be around next year or are they just loading up clients at any cost so they can sell themselves to some VC or private equity fund, leaving you in the lurch—having to find some new provider or being painfully converted to a system for which you never signed up? (Look up the history of CapMX and Corporate Focus).How long have we been in the securities record keeping and equity plan software business? Only 43 years.
  2. Is there anyone at ElCheapo, Inc. or Glitzyrama Co. cap table or equity plan administration that can actually answer a complex question about either service? Plan Management Corp. has CEP’s (Certified Equity Professionals) CPA’s and professionals with decades of experience at one of the largest SEC registered securities transfer agents.
  3. Can they properly handle the expensing of the performance or consulting awards you are dreaming of granting? If they can’t, or they do it wrong, your company’s plans for a buyout or an IPO just got stalled and/or a lot more expensive!
  4. Are they able to provide flexible CEP support when you can’t keep up with plan activity, or need help with a data project or audit? Is their software even easy to use once you get beyond your most elementary needs?
  5. Can their software transition you from a private to public company? Have their “experts” worked with clients through hundreds of corporate actions, including IPOs and acquisitions?

We could list the dozens and dozens of specialized features, functions and reports that PMC’s OptionTrax® and InvestmenTrax(sm) software provides, or the countless times our experts have straightened out clients’ problems, but, let’s just say that by the time you find that the cheaper, slicker-looking systems don’t have them, it’s too late for you! Having to re-state your financials is a real disaster and it sure doesn’t look good to any potential acquirer or underwriter!
So, yes, you can always save a few hundred or even a thousand bucks over a year by going cheap, but…do we really have to say it?

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