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Technology and Services

Plan Management Corp. (PMC) offers an array of technology and service solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your company. Whether you’re an old pro looking to hit the ground running with a new software platform, or new to the field and looking for some extra support, we’ve got you covered.

EQUITY COMPENSATION PLAN AND ESPP SERVICES – Learn more about our OptionTrax™ software, full equity compensation administrator and participant platforms. OptionTrax™ provides real-time management and reporting capabilities, total participant service, and it offers complete confidentiality.

Companies with Employee Stock Purchase Plans can use our ESPP module to track cash contributions and rollover funds, share purchases and withdrawals. The module integrates seamlessly into the rest of OptionTrax™, giving participants a combined view of all equity compensation awards.

FLEXSOURCING – We know that sometimes you just don’t have the time to do it all. For those periods of high activity or when you need administrative outsourcing support, PMC experts can manage the administration of your plan or help out on a special project to make sure the necessary tasks get done and you can sleep at night!

CAP TABLE AND SHAREHOLDER RECORDKEEPING – Learn about the InvestmenTrax™ module specifically for private and newly public companies. Beyond simple Cap Table modeling, InvestmenTrax™ is a robust securities management system for the full lifecycle and history of your securities and investors. Combining InvestmenTrax™ with OptionTrax™ creates a powerful solution to manage your stock awards from beginning to end.

TRAINING, SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE – At PMC, we don’t disappear as soon as you become a client. Our expert teams are there with you from day one to make sure that implementation runs smoothly, you and your team are fully trained on the new systems, and you know where to find guidance when you need it.

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