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You know that shareholder records must be up-to-date, auditable and presentable for clients, investors and auditors. Plan Management Corp.’s (PMC) proprietary platform, InvestmenTrax, allows you to manage securities and shareholder records for your private company clients with just one logon to administrate multiple clients. Reporting and recordkeeping includes a detailed cap table, tracking the life cycle of your clients’ securities, cost basis data, corporate action management and more. InvestmenTrax can be integrated with our OptionTrax platform so you administrate your clients’ stock option and equity compensation plans as an additional service, or they can be administered directly by your clients. And InvestmenTrax™ and OptionTrax™ are web-based, so they are always available – no installation or computer updates required.

InvestmenTrax™ and OptionTrax™ platforms provide:

  • Cap table and equity compensation administration, reporting and expensing solutions
  • The ability to share reports with clients online via the Administration Portals
  • Sharing of statements and documents online with client investors via the Shareholder Portal
  • Easy switching between a portfolio of clients within InvestmenTrax™

PMC can work in the following partnership models:


Sub-licensor/ Reseller PMC as Administrator Referral Partner
PMC and your firm can contract together so that you are able to offer and contract directly with your clients for InvestmenTrax™ and/ or OptionTrax™ licenses.

  • Your firm remains the point of contact to clients
  • Contract is between client and your firm
  • Single billing for your client as your firm will invoice them. Potential for reduced pricing based on number of clients
PMC and your firm can agree on bulk pricing for your client base, based on a minimum amount of clients, and PMC will perform the administration for you.

  • Your clients receive expert and personal service
  • Single billing for your client as your firm will invoice them
  • You can choose how to bill for the services
PMC as a trusted partner for your firm and a go-to referral for your clients’ securities recordkeeping and equity compensation plan administration needs.

  • PMC contracts directly with your client
  • PMC manages billing for license fees
  • With client authorization, your firm can be set up as a system Administrator for cap table and equity compensation plan management services


When should I choose PMC?

PMC is the right choice for your clients’ cap table and equity plan administration when:

  • You are looking for a reliable, stable, experienced partner who you can trust to do the job right
  • You need user-friendly, effective platforms with stellar support
  • You need an online solution that allows you to easily share information between your team and your clients
  • You need to securely service multiple clients without having to log-in and out for each company
  • You or your associates are spending too much valuable time handling the securities recordkeeping and/or plan administration for your clients
  • You need reasonably-priced, comprehensive systems to assist your clients.
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