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Crowdfunding Portals

CrowdFunding is coming, and you want to be a big part of it! You already have, or are going to establish a Crowdfunding Portal. We are all waiting for the final rules to be released, but you can be sure of three things:

First, you or your issuer clients must have 100% accurate records of the issuers’ shareholders, securities issued, securities cancelled, restrictions on positions, securities authorized, and on and on. Second, if your issuer clients have an equity compensation plan, you or they must be able to prove the accuracy of its awards granted, vesting, expensing, exercising, FASB compliance, etc., and most important for you, what the dilutive effect of the plans could be. And, third, if you are not able to provide these services to your issuer clients, some other Portal will!

Plan Management Corp. (PMC) can work in the following partnership models:

White Label/ API Full Partner Referral Partner
PMC and your Portal can contract together so that you are able to offer cap table management and equity compensation administration to your issuer clients. We will white label the services and build an automatic API so it becomes part of your brand and whole suite of services.

  • No file transfers required with API implementation
  • You remain the point of contact for your clients
  • Single billing for your clients with all your other services
  • Reduced billing to you per client as your number of clients increases
  • Unparalleled experienced and reliable service
PMC can provide cap table and equity compensation management capability to you as a sub-licensor of our systems. We can contract together so that you are able to offer and contract directly with your clients for InvestmenTrax™ licenses.

  • You benefit from being able to offer your clients these services
  • You remain the point of contact for your clients
  • You have the ability to bill the amount you feel is appropriate for your clients on an individualized basis
  • You can contract with us to administrate the more complex plans and cap tables
If you feel you are already too busy to take on additional sales and services, you can refer your issuer clients to us and we will provide either or both of cap table management and equity plan administration.

  • You can concentrate on marketing and services that are your strength
  • PMC will pay you a referral fee for each client
  • You don’t have to learn the ins and outs of cap table management or plan administration
  • You are not left wondering what to do when issuers ask you for help with these services

Why should I choose PMC?

  • No one, but no one, has as much experience in cap table management or equity compensation plan administration as PMC
  • No one else can offer you a fully integrated securities recordkeeping and equity plan administration system
  • No one else has experts with a 40 year record of the highest performance levels, stability and reliability
  • PMC has the same interests as you; for over two decades we have specialized in serving small to mid-cap companies from their birth to their life as full-fledged public companies
  • No newcomer to the field (not even you!) has the decades of real life experience in meeting the SEC’s and the FASB and IRS’s rules and regulations on securities trading recordkeeping and equity plan management
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