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“Microsoft’s Excel Might Be The Most Dangerous Software On The Planet”

– February 2013, Forbes

Stock Option and equity compensation plan administration can quickly feel like rowing up stream; using the proper platform from the start makes all the difference. InvestmenTrax™ and OptionTrax™ to the rescue! A comprehensive, yet easy-to-use securities recordkeeping and equity plan administration software system that is ASC 718 compliant and will meet your auditor’s toughest requirements:

Plan Management Corporation’s OptionTrax™ platform is robust with simplified navigation and the most intuitive design. This part of the solution includes:

  • Recordkeeping and reporting for all award types
  • Financial reporting – expense, tax and disclosure reporting
  • Participant portal with online grant agreement acceptance

Our InvestmenTrax™ platform is a full stock ledger, capitalization table, and transfer system for private companies. This part of the solution includes:

  • Recordkeeping and reporting for all issue and investor types
  • Tracking of the history, cost basis and lifecycle of all issues, from issuance through conversion or transfer and cancellation
  • Corporate action processing – dividend or interest payouts, stock splits, and M&A activity

For those times when you need additional support, Plan Management Corp. offers FlexSourcing which allows you to pick the level of support you need, when you need it.

  • Our single platform for self-administration and outsourcing allows you to dial up and down the service as needed with no change in functionality or employee access
  • Temporary or long-term support available

Benefits for Private Companies

Private companies using Plan Management Corp. benefit from our 40 year history of working closely with small to mid-cap companies in the fields of securities transfer, corporate action management and equity compensation plan administration.

Simplicity – saves time and money

  • Simple, easy-to-understand menus make navigation easy and intuitive, without requiring an equity compensation expert to manage it.
  • No IT investment or maintenance required – as a web-based system, OptionTrax™ and InvestmenTrax™ does not require any setup or management from your internal IT team, and updates occur automatically; no downloading is necessary for new versions or modifications.
  • Full system implementation – implementation performed by equity professionals who work with you from day one to get your data in place and the system configured so you can hit the ground running on day one.
  • A system that grows with you – OptionTrax™ and InvestmenTrax™ handle any type of award, vesting, issue, investor, etc., so as your plan and cap table evolve, you are always up-to-date. And because InvestmenTrax™ is “plugged in” to OptionTrax™, if you go public, you can transfer your InvestmenTrax™ records to your TA and keep right on plugging with OptionTrax™; no data conversion or platform change required.
Our human approach keeps everything moving forward

  • A voice on the other end: OptionTrax™ includes an integrated support ticket module, but we also have experts who answer the phone; no endless phone trees and days of waiting to get an answer.
  • Centralized service – our support model means you talk to administrators who are located in the same location as management, product and technology staff – communication is rapid and concise, and issue resolution far faster and more accurate than with decentralized models. Your questions, your answers, and your data stay right here – no traveling overseas and back.


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