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Company Overview

After 41 years in the securities industry, I am proud to say that Plan Management Corp. (PMC) is at the forefront of integrated equity compensation administration and securities recordkeeping. As a matter of fact, our strength and reliability have put us at the head of the class of independent software and service providers. Technology, reliability and stability are the hallmarks of our business.

In operation since 1992, PMC began as an affiliate of StockTrans, one of the country’s leading stock transfer agents (StockTrans was purchased by another company in 2010). Our early software development grew out of the needs of our clients; what was available at the time was clunky, slow and non-intuitive. It has always been my mantra that if you don’t like what you see, make it better yourself. So we did. After years of developing and enhancing our own plan administration and expensing system, OptionTrax, and our own securities recordkeeping system, InvestmenTrax, we are thrilled to present the most intuitive and easy-to-use system on the market. PMC leads the industry in rapid development, and we continually work to enhance both platforms to meet changing industry requirements and customer needs. There is no stuffing a square peg into a round hole at PMC.

Thanks to PMC’s history as an affiliate of StockTrans, PMC is also uniquely positioned to help private and pre-IPO companies manage the entire lifecycle of their securities. InvestmenTrax™ goes beyond Cap Table management to provide full securities recordkeeping and issuance histories. InvestmenTrax™ has become a key stepping stone for companies considering an IPO or acquisition event.

In the past 18 months in particular, we’ve seen a real bifurcation of the market. “Mega-providers” are buying up competitors and creating a vertical integration that dictates the only clients of interest will be those with the largest and highest value plans. These providers are interested in increasing their market share of the largest companies through rapid and dysfunctional moves into the brokerage, transfer agency, financial consulting, and equity plan administration fields, among other services. That leaves a huge part of the market un-served or under-served by low-tech, installed, or limited functionality providers. This is where PMC built its foundation–the tens of thousands of private companies with dreams of going public someday, and the small and mid-cap public companies that need full functionality but cannot pay a fortune for equity plan administration.

Along with our history and expertise, PMC has distinguished itself as the stable partner of choice. Privately-owned and privately funded, PMC is the only independent provider in the US that is not beholden to outside investors. This self-sufficiency, both financial and operational, makes PMC a strong long-term partner and reduces the risk that you’ll need to transition your platform, or your employee’s access, in the years to come.

Jonathan Miller
Founder & CEO
Plan Management Corp.

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